custom plugs


What are M99 Inkstaplugs?

Inspired by the style of Heavily Tattooed and colourfully alternative looks, Inkstaplugs were designed with ‘Custom Tattoos’ in mind! We thought to ourselves that we want to make a plug that can be reproduced for the catalogue but also results in a highly unique piece of art each time.

We use a body safe epoxy resin which is fused with exotic hardwoods to create solid, crystal like blocks which we then hand carve the plugs from one at a time. When you make an order, one of our team members will pick it up in the workshop and go to work creating your plugs entirely from scratch which id true of ALL the plugs in our catalogue.

Inside each plug is a small universe of colour and mystical swirls which we hand paint through the resin during the early casting stage. After carving each plug on the Lathe and then sanding down each face, we continue to then sand each face of the plug by hand, going through several grades of sanding until we are buffing with cotton. Each finished piece is exiting for us to see as they come through the final stages, allowing us to see every detail inside.

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